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Over the past few years, we have held a series of Skype meetings between different communities from Palestine, the UK and the US. We are dedicated to connecting Palestine to the world and the world to Palestine virtually and via encouraging actual visits to Palestine.

As our team is based in the besieged Gaza strip, we believe that connecting communities is one of the best ways to boost mutual understanding between peoples while offering a channel for the people in Gaza to reach out and hear the world despite their circumstances.
If you wish to get connected with us or to host a call from your end please get in touch with us via the contact us page.

Features and Used Technologies

Connect at ease
Multiple Video/Audio links
Our Locations

We usually use Skype or in our meetings. We can, however, use Google Hangouts or other similar technologies for specific purposes

With our network of friends worldwide, we have held linkups with various cities at different time zones in a single event before and are aiming to hold similar event in the future

We are a team based in the Gaza strip and have friends from various places around Palestinee

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