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Network of Photographers for Palestine

The Network of Photographers for Palestine is an international collective of activists and photographers dedicated to the pursuit of freedom and justice for the Palestinian people through photography-related works. We are a non-profit organisation with no formal political affiliations, and we welcome collaboration from people with a wide range of skills – organisational, technical and photographic. You certainly don't have to be an ace photographer to join NPP.


We work to provide a window through which we can view the reality of life in Palestine, and Palestinians can see what efforts are being made to aid their struggle overseas, and we do this by showcasing the work of Palestinian photographers, whether in exile or in the homeland, and by sharing images of international solidarity actions for display in Palestine. We also seek to provide opportunities for young Palestinians to photograph in other lands, and for photographers worldwide to visit Palestine.

One of the aims of our work is to use technological innovation to link people directly across continents. We therefore lay strong emphasis on live link-ups between friends in Palestine and host venues elsewhere. Our four-way link-up between Gaza City, London , Edinburgh, and Olympia, U.S.A. is an example of this. We believe that this kind of human solidarity forms a firm foundation for international political solidarity.

Concrete examples of potential actions are:
  • Providing images for themed exhibitions about life in the OPT , and refugee camps.
  • Curating exhibitions of the above.
  • Collaborating on developing training courses for Palestinian youth.
  • Facilitating photography visits to Palestine.
  • Facilitating photography visits for Palestinians different parts of the world
  • Sharing advice and experience of promoting photography in Palestine

If you would like to join us in our future work, please join our Facebook page or send us an email and we will be happy to provide you with more details at chetwyndphil (at) (English) or rafat (at) (Arabic)

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