ZaitoonTree: Skype Night Summary, Cairo-Gaza

Skype Night Summary, Cairo-Gaza

Rafat Abushaban


Sat, 28/02/2015

On the 16th February, 2015 Zaitoontree has implemented its first Skype night event with Egypt. The meetup took place at the Youth Media Center in Gaza city, and with the active participation of 'Awda' (Right of Return) youth group in Cairo who were hosted at Albadil Newspaper HQ in Cairo.

The meetup focused on the recent updates in Palestine and Egypt, and the group discussed the role that can be played to further boost Palestine's image in media outlets and how to increase the awareness of the Egyptian people and youth on what is life in Gaza, and the condition of Palestine today.

Please check the following coverage on the event from Palestinian and Egyptian Media Outlets [Arabic Only]:


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Skype Meetup Cairo-Gaza

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