ZaitoonTree: Dundee-Gaza event in November 2012

Dundee-Gaza event in November 2012

Rafat Abushaban


Fri, 02/11/2012

A group of Palestinian supporters in Scotland, UK and another group from Palestine are organizing a series of public meetings between audiences from both countries. This event will be a great opportunity for Palestinian activists to open a communication channel with their peers from the UK and around the world.

Advert for the event from Dundee, UK


The event will open its doors on Monday 5th as a photo exhibition in the University of Dundee in the UK. On Tuesday 6th a link with Gaza will be opened for chat. 
9:00 PM Palestine time (7:00 PM UK time). You can participate without having to attend at this time, so please read on! 
To be determined. 
Plan for the event: 
After having a Skype call to discuss the plan on Friday 2/11 afternoon, it was decided that the team in Gaza will participate in the event via creating a video recording for addressing the agenda topics of the event and send it to the team in the UK. Typically this should overcome the weak line connectivity during the live call as well as providing a chance for Gaza team members who cannot participate in the live event at night. 
The video will contain interviews with all the participants from the Gaza team, where each will be asked to speak about the agenda topics of his/her choice for about 2 minutes. We will then put the interviews together and send the video to the UK to be viewed at the event. According to the quality of the video it might be published on youtube and some other websites. 

  • Saturday 3/11: Everybody wishing to participate (Gaza team) should write a 1 to 2 pages draft on the topics below for what you want to say in your interview. A meeting on Skype at 5.30 PM will be held for working together on developing those drafts.

  • Sunday 4/11: drafts are ready and revised. You can share them via at our Facebook event page or via Email . A meeting on Skype at 5.30 PM will be held to finalize the speeches for every body

  • Monday 5/11: Video day. We will set a time to make all the video recordings with the participants. Those wishing to participate but cannot attend please tell me beforehand so that we can arrange something for you

  • Tuesday 6/11: Event day. We will complete any unfinished business and send the video online before the event. At 9PM, a place for the Skype meeting will be announced for those who are able to attend for a short Skype conversation. Let us just that the internet will be working fine!


Agenda Topics (what you can speak about. Just choose one): 
The main theme will be about Children's rights in Palestine. Topics of interest include:

  • Children killed and wounded during Gaza massacre in 2009 and during Israeli invasions

  • Children and the Health care system (Topics of interest: Lack of medication, transfer to other hospitals, restrictions on movement, children with diseases caused by white phosphorus)

  • Children and the Educational system (Topics of interest: Primary and secondary education, restrictions on movement and travel problems for students seeking to travel for outside universities)

  • Palestinian prisoners including children prisoners and children of prisoners (Topics of interest: Treatment by Israeli authorities. A useful resource can be found here

  • The blockade of Gaza and who it is affecting children and elderly

  • Any similar topic


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