ZaitoonTree: Edinburgh-Gaza event, December 2012

Edinburgh-Gaza event, December 2012

Rafat Abushaban


Mon, 10/12/2012

A group of Palestinian supporters in Scotland, UK and another group from Palestine are organizing a series of public meetings between audiences from both countries. This event will be a great opportunity for Palestinian activists to open a communication channel with their peers from the UK and around the world.

The Skype meeting is a part of larger event in Edinburgh that will open its doors on Monday 10/12 as a photo gallery for Palestine. On Wednesday a Skype meeting will take place between Gaza and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh will take place. 

8:00 PM Palestine time (6:00 PM UK time) and will last for about one and a half hours. 

Participants at the Parliament: 

  • Members of the Parliament

  • Representatives for Scottish parties: National party, Labor party, Green party, others

  • Pro-Palestine Activists

  • Students, General public

Gaza: Alsamer, Gaza Cultural and Development Group. Omar Al-mokhtar Street. 
Edinburgh: Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland- UK. 

Advert for the event from Gaza

Agenda for the event (Skype meeting): 
The event will include a Skype link between Gaza and Aberdeen, where the following Agenda topics will be discussed:

  1. Background on Gaza, a quick historical perspective

  2. Gaza today: Siege, borders and sea

  3. The first Israeli massacre in 2008/2009 and its effects

  4. The second Israeli massacre in 2012 and its effects

  5. A brief insight on the following topics:

    • Medical situation (Topics of interest: Lack of medication, transfer to other hospitals, restrictions on movement, children with diseases caused by white phosphorus)

    • Situation after the UN Bid

  6. Open session: Questions and Answers

Those wishing to participate should write a one-page draft on one of the topics above for what they want to say during the meeting. The venue will open at 6PM on the day of the event to revise the speeches and go through final preparations. 
You can always contact me (Rafat Abushaban) via email . 

Preparation for this event: 
Anybody wishing to attend is welcome. In order to enrich the chatting and the outcome of this meeting, please go through the following:

Important links:


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