ZaitoonTree: A series of Skype-linked events between Palestine and Scotland

A series of Skype-linked events between Palestine and Scotland

Rafat Abushaban


Sat, 22/12/2012

After weeks of collaboration and work divided among volunteers from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, West Bank and Gaza, a series of events including live Skype video meetings among audiences from Scotland and Palestine and photo galleries were implemented with success

Scotland in well-known for its solidarity with Palestine. The Boycott campaign there is strong and the demonstrations supporting Gaza and Palestine are the norm on the high street of many Scottish cities when an escalation takes place in Palestine. 
An initiative that was first thought of by some individuals have become a reality after weeks of hard work preparing meetings in major Scottish and Palestinian cities to improve the solidarity with Palestine and communicate the daily problems and suffering of Palestinians with the world.


Dundee/ Gaza Skype night and photo exhibit: 

The event has opened its doors on Monday 5th as a photo exhibition in the University of Dundee in the UK. On Tuesday 6th a link with Gaza took place for chat and discussing views on Palestine. 
For more information on this event please visit the event agenda page here

Messages were recorded from various participants in Gaza and transmitted via video streaming during the Skype meeting


Aberdeen/ Gaza Skype night and Gaza support night: 

Right after the Israeli recent massacre in the Gaza strip, a night for supporting Gaza in the University of Aberdeen was organised by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) and Aberdeen Muslim Women's Association featuring a Skype link with Gaza and other money-donation events, resulting in raising just over £15,000 to be donated to Interpal for relief efforts in Gaza ( According to Organizers).
From the Palestinian side, Gaza Group for Culture and Development (GDC) has sponsored the event and Youth Media Center (YMC) has actively participated. Participants were enthusiastic and included people from various professions in Gaza who have provided a clear insight on how life in Gaza looks like. It is worthy to mention that the event was covered by the Gaza-based Alkitab Satellite TV Channel. 
For more information on this event please visit the event agenda page here

Live Skype meeting was conducted with participants from Gaza and many participants in Aberdeen


Edinburgh- The Scottish Parliament/ Gaza Skype night and photo exhibit: 

The final meeting in this series was successfully conducted in the Scottish Parliament and in Gaza. Tens of interested individuals and members of the Scottish Parliament has attended the event that have also included a photo gallery to show life in the West Bank. From Gaza side, about 30 individuals have taken part of this meeting, including Dr. Ahmed Yusuf, the previous Counsellor for the prime minister and a well-known politician. The event was a great opportunity to discuss methods of solidarity with Palestine from Scotland and reflected on the needs of Gaza and the West Bank in the upcoming period. The event was sponsored by GDC with the participation of YMC and covered by Alkitab Satellite Channel. 
For more information on this event please visit the event agenda page here

For the full event photo album, please click here

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