ZaitoonTree: Wrapping up 2012, preparing for 2013

Wrapping up 2012, preparing for 2013

Rafat Abushaban


Sat, 29/11/2014

After a full year of Hunger strikes, Israeli aggression and Palestinian victories, and where activities linking Palestine with Scotland took place, we wrap up 2012 and look forward for the prospects of 2013 [UPDATED] With new content on a radio interview in early 2013

Lets start on the Palestinian national level. 2012 has been a significant year for the Palestinian struggle that witnessed many milestones. It is in this year that Gaza was under Israeli aggression for the second time after the 2008/2009 massacre, but has turned into a victory for Gazans withstanding the Israeli shelling with their heads lifted up high. Some colleges and I were travelling back into Gaza the first days of this massacre, and you can read what has happened here . The victory generated in Gaza has helped realizing another significant milestone when Palestine was recognised as a non-member state in the UN with a vast majority of member votes.

Palestinians in prisons have also taken their bold move this year to globalize their cause via undergoing hunger strikes risking their lives to earn just treatment and dignity in Israeli jails. Here you have 20 reasons to get angry about what is committed in Israeli Jails against Palestinians 

Young Palestinians also took the initiative in Gaza to create a Model for the United Nations in Palestine that simulated the General assembly, the Security Council, and other UN bodies. It was a rewarding experience chairing and participating in the Security Council with a group of talented friends that one will never forget,

A photo for delegates in the Security Council during Palestine MUN, 2012

International activism to support Palestine was also doing great in 2012. Reports accused Israeli authorities of treating Palestinian children harshly. In Places like Scotland,Boycott for Israeli dance group was a main media topic.

On another front, and with the efforts of many young Palestinians and activists in Palestine and Scotland, a series of Skype events were held linking Palestine to Scotland. Gaza was linked with Dundee, Aberdeen and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, while Bethlehem was linked with Glasgow. Read full details from here. This event was covered by some websites like the Electronic Intifada. Please find below an exclusive video containing messages of solidarity shared by Scottish politicians and activists.

Also, I was invited to talk about the event in the local Al-iman Radio Channel in Gaza, which was a great opportunity to meet the staff and talk about our current and future expectations from the links between Gaza and Scotland.

After recording the radio show at Al-iman radio

And the view from the radio was great as well.

As for 2013, There will be initial meetings for the group of Palestine Speaks Out (Join us on Facbook now!) to discuss Feedback from previous meetings,2013 collaboration and suggestions. Please feel free to suggest any idea that you think might help bring things forward.

Thank you for following our activities, and I wish that we will be able to realize our dreams with a free country this year.


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